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Hillcrest Camera Club

Membership Form


Please complete the following information by printing legibly. Thank you!

If a family member is joining with you, please print his or her name in the box provided.

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Annual Dues are $35.00 per individual members, $45.00 for family, and $15.00 for student. Dues are due and payable in September each year. If dues are in arrears for 2 months, the member will be considered dropped and they can no longer compete in competitions.


Waiver of Responsibility:


While all possible precaution will be taken by the competition chairpersons, neither they, nor the Hillcrest Camera Club can assume responsibility for the loss of, or damage to transparencies, prints, snapshots or movies submitted, and submission of transparencies, prints, snapshots or movies implies acceptance of the rules and regulations published by the Club.


The purpose of the Hillcrest Camera Club is to share and promote the hobby of photography and to help and be helped by a spirit of cooperation. A club cannot function without its participating members; therefore, I agree to help in any way possible. I have read and agree to the benefits and obligations of membership.


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Receipt of Dues

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Hillcrest Camera Club

Biography Guidelines


Personal:                                                                                  Name: ____________________________


Take a minute and tell us about your self. Where have you lived, your family, your pets, or your work? Describe unusual people you have met or unusual places you have been. Other hobbies you have.















How long have you been a member at Hillcrest Camera Club? Describe any great experiences you’ve had here. Have you been a member of any other club? What influenced you to start photography? What do you like to photograph?  What camera do you use? Where and when do you like to photograph? Do you photograph alone or in groups? What would you like to learn? What would you like to see done differently in the club? What would you like to see in the newsletter?




















Anything you would like to contribute to the Club? An article for the newsletter, to teach something at a presentation, or do you want to try your hand at judging? Let us know!